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    Wasser Controller ME 18
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    Water Controller ME 18

    The water controller ME 18 is a processing unit for chlorine content, pH value and water temperature. Depending on the version, up to 6 galvanically isolated measuring channels are available. The expansion options of the controller allow a high level of scalability and enable many areas of application.

    AquaSens is a flow fitting with a selectable flow direction and can be operated with a free outlet or under pressure of up to 1.0 bar. The fitting, equipped with a chlorine measuring cell and pH electrode, is ideal for operation with the water controller. The fitting, measuring cell and electrodes are separate products which are not included in the scope of delivery of the water controller.

    Depending on the configuration, various actions are triggered by evaluating the measured water values. The proportional outputs are ideally suited for proportional control of dosing pumps and for recording the measured values. Additional applications can be configured with the built-in switching relay. The digital outputs offer easy forwarding of the alarms to external transmission devices, fire alarm systems and control systems.

    The software of the water controller allows the configuration of several water circuits. With control functions, individual logic can be programmed with a multitude of options for any application.

    The graphic OLED display not only shows the measured values, but also allows easy operation via 5 buttons and menu navigation. 6 LEDs show the operating status and the pending alarms at a glance. The ME 18 is mounted in a bracket of 96 x 96 mm, ideal for 19 inch racks. The mounting plate is available for purchase.

    The integrated web server enables location-independent access to the water controller via Ethernet connection. The remote connection can be set up from the office, the control center or the smartphone. The optional UPS module enables the water controller to be supplied with emergency power by connecting batteries. Additional features such as event memory and periodic functions (e.g. for shock chlorination) make the water controller even more interesting.

    Technical Specifications

    Operating voltage230 VAC24 VDC optional
    Power consumptionmax. 5 W
    Inputs digital8 x 24 VDCLo < 6 V, Hi > 10 V, max. 30 V
    Outputs relay4
    (3x alarms, 1x technical error)
    AC1 6.0 A, 250 V
    AC3 0.185 kW
    min. 10 V, 5 mA
    Outputs digital4x 500 mA or 2 x 1000 mA
    Connectorsmax. 1.5 mm2 
    DisplayOLED yellowGraphical 128 x 64 pixels
    Periodic shock chlorinationInterval and durationReal time clock
    Event memory200 entries
    Ethernet / Webserver10 / 100 Mbit/s
    Ambient temperature-10…+50 °C 
    Humidity20…90 % rFNon-condensing
    CasingAluminum, front anodized
    Dimensions WxHxD96 x 96 x 74 mm
    InstallationFront installation: 96 x 96 mmSize: 90 x 90 mm
    Weight380 g
    EU conformityCE mark including EMC test 


    Article codeSensors ChlorineSensors pHOutputs Analogue

    Optional Modules

    Article codeModuleDescription
    ME15-0…20Plug-in module4 analogue outputs 0 / 4…20 mA
    Proportional controller for control of dosing pumps
    and recorders/ recording devices
    ME15-0…10VPlug-in module 4 analogue outputs 0…10 V
    ME15-Digital IOPlug-in module 4 additional digital inputs 24 VDC or
    4 additional outputs digital 24 VDC, 500 mA
    ME15-USVPlug-in module UPS module 24 VDC stabilized
    Charging current: 10…1,500 mA
    Discharge Current: Max 2.5 A / 3.0 A
    during 15 min
    Logger battery voltage: 80 min


    Article codeDescription
    INFLEX06024APower supply 12 V 2.5 A
    YUNP-07.0-12NP battery 12 VDC 7.0 Ah
    for UPS operation (2 required)
    ME18-19SUP19 inch rack mounting kit ME 18

    Water Controller ME 15
    DIN rail mounting
    Water Controller ME 20
    Wall-mounted casing
    Water Sensors
    Temperature, Chlorine, pH value
    Flow Fitting
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