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    Water Quality Swimming Pools
    Water quality is quality of life
    Wasser Controller ME 18
    Wasser Controller ME 20
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    Water Quality

    With our water measurement and control technology products, we specialize in measuring, controlling and evaluating the water quality in public pools and in general industry.

    We measure and control chlorine, pH, redox, ozone and bromine in swimming pools, water treatment plants, waste water plants, drinking water supplies, food industries, cooling water plants etc.

    All measuring and control devices for water are developed and produced by Müller-Elektronik AG and configured and calibrated by our specialists. With our know-how we offer you competent technical advice.

    Wasser Controller ME 18 für die Wasserqualitätsmessung
    Water Control Panels
    Sensoren für Wasser: pH Wert, Redox, Chlor
    Water Sensors: chlorine, pH, redox
    Wasser Durchflussarmatur zur Messung von Chlor und pH-Wert
    AquaSens flow fitting
    Water Control Panels
    for signal processing
    Water Sensors
    Temperature, Chlorine, pH value
    Flow Fitting
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