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    LED Warnleuchte Parking
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    Signaling Devices

    In the event of a gas leak, a quick and clear alarm is utmost importance. Optical and acoustic signal transmitters are used for this. Depending on the application of the gas warning system, different signaling devices are used.

    For the measurement of dangerous exhaust gases in underground car parks such as CO and NO2, we use LED warning panels according to SWKI guidelines.

    For alerting of toxic and explosive gases in industry, we distinguish between EX zones and non-explosive zones. Accordingly, a normal LED flashing light or an EX flashing light is used.

    All signaling devices can be connected to our gas control panels. They can also be used with other PLC.

    LED Warning Sign Parking
    for underground and multi-storey car parks
    with acoustic alarm
    according to SWKI guidelines
    LED Warning Sign Gas
    for all applications, except parking
    Flashing Lights
    Strobe Xenon or ATEX
    Audible alarm
    Bus Expander 4 Channel
    Connection of signaling devices
    on the bus of the gas control panel