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  • Das Gas-Handmessgerät Crowcon Tetra 4 eignet sich besonders für Kanal- und Tunnelarbeiten.
    Bei Untertagarbeiten in Kanälen, Schächten, Stollen und Tunnels kann Personal gefährdet sein durch Schwefelwasserstoff, Sauerstoffmangel, Kohlenmonoxid und Brennbare Gase. Portable Handmessgeräte oder stationäre Gaswarnanlagen warnen vor Gefahr und schützen Leben.
    Gas-Handmessgerät Crowcon T4
    Sicherheit bei Kanal- und Tunnelarbeiten
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    Crowcon T4

    Crowcon T4, 4 Gas Messgerät zur einfachen Gasmessung von einer Auswahl verschiedener Gasverbindungen. Häufig wird das T4 in der Konfiguration für Kanal- und Tunnelarbeiten angewendet.

    Crowcon’s Tetra 4 is an extremely robust handheld gas detector offering advanced protection for those working in harsh environments. This portable multi-gas detector is particularly easy to use and maintain. The T4 protects against the four most common gas hazards: carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), combustible gases and oxygen deficiency (O2).

    The T4 includes numerous functions and features that make everyday use easier and safer:

    TWA resume function
    Only the T4 offers this function. It calculates the total exposure to toxic gases over a full shift, even if the device is switched off in the meantime, e.g. for a break or when driving to another location.

    The red dashed line in the graph shows workers using other gas detection devices and turning them off during their lunch break. This puts them at risk of overexposure to hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

    24 hour battery life
    Work safely during multiple or longer shifts between charges, made possible by exceptional 24-hour battery life.

    Robust design
    The T4 features a thick anti-shock rubber body and has been drop-tested from 4 meters onto concrete. It therefore offers reliable operation even in the most demanding applications. Water and dust resistance according to IP65 & IP67. The T4 is thus the most robust portable handheld gas meter.

    Backlit display
    Large, easy-to-read display with backlight. Can be rotated 180° for better visibility while working.

    Intrinsically safe
    Approved for ATEX Zone 0 and UL Class 1 Div 1 for operation in a wide range of environments.

    Assigned sensors
    One sensor per gas type ensures effective, safe and reliable detection.

    Multiple alarm signals
    Acoustic alarm signal at 95dB, bright LEDs in red/blue and vibration signals offer an effective warning concept for gas hazards.

    Easy handling
    Large single button and an intuitive menu system reduce training requirements and allow easy operation even while wearing gloves.

    Measurable gasesMeasuring range
    Flammable gases0-100 % LEL
    Oxygen (O2)0-30 V%
    Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)0-100 ppm
    Carbon Monoxide (CO)0-1,000 ppm
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