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  • Das Gas-Handmessgerät Crowcon Tetra 4 eignet sich besonders für Kanal- und Tunnelarbeiten.
    Bei Untertagarbeiten in Kanälen, Schächten, Stollen und Tunnels kann Personal gefährdet sein durch Schwefelwasserstoff, Sauerstoffmangel, Kohlenmonoxid und Brennbare Gase. Portable Handmessgeräte oder stationäre Gaswarnanlagen warnen vor Gefahr und schützen Leben.
    Gas-Handmessgerät Crowcon T4
    Sicherheit bei Kanal- und Tunnelarbeiten
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    Portable Gas Detectors

    Gas-Handmessgeräte von Crowcon in verschiedenen Bauformen, für 1 Gas oder bis 5 Gase gleichzeitig gemessen.

    Personal protection with handheld gas detectors

    Explosive (flammable) gases, as well as toxic (poisonous) gases and fumes can be found in many industrial work places. Also in sewage treatment plants, laboratories, chemistry, pipelines, sewers, etc. Protect yourself with a hand-held gas measuring device.

    We recommend Crowcon’s single and multi-gas portable detectors. These are robust, easy to use and easy to maintain. Depending on the application and area of ​​use, there are different types of portable gas detectors.

    Portable single-gas detectors are used wherever the gas hazard is limited to just one gas. They impress with their extremely compact design. Multigas handheld devices can detect several gases in just one portable gas detector, such as the combination of combustible gases, oxygen O2, hydrogen sulfide H2S, carbon monoxide CO etc. These multigas warning devices detect several gases.

    All hand-held gas measuring devices give an alarm in the event of a gas hazard with acoustic and visual warning signals. The built-in gas sensors continuously monitor the gas concentration in the working environment.

    Some of the most common dangerous gases are:
    Bromine Br2, Formaldehyde CH2O, Chlorine gas Cl2, Carbon monoxide CO, Carbon dioxide CO2, Hydrogen H2, Hydrogen peroxide H2O2, Hydrogen sulfide H2S, Hydrogen chloride HCl, Ammonia NH3, Nitrogen monoxide NO, Nitrogen dioxide NO2, Oxygen O2, Ozone O3, Sulfur dioxide SO2, Chlorine dioxide ClO2, Methane CH4, Ethanol C2H6, Propane C3H8, Butane C4H10, Pentane C5H12, Hexane C6H14, Solvent. 

    Our specialists will help you find the right handheld or portable gas detector for you.

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